Chinese Tourism

People who are planning to go on holiday may choose China as their destination. Tourism has become a significant industry within this nation which continues to grow. In recent decades the rate of visitors has greatly increased. It is not just foreigners who enjoy exploring the country. Thanks to new economic prosperity, some Chinese citizens have become part of an emerging rich middle class. They might use their surplus income to travel to famous Chinese landmarks.

However, there are also hindrances to this industry. The most recent issue has been the lockdown restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic. As a result unnecessary travel is sometimes prohibited. Despite this problem some experts believe that China will be the number one tourist destination globally by the year 2030.

This country is already ranked second in the entire world as tourism accounted for $943.1 billion in 2014. There are over 66 million jobs in this sector. In 2013 the industry contributed to just over 9% of China’s GDP. This rose to 11% in 2017. If the trend continues this nation will rely on visitors in order to sustain a significant chunk of its economy. Conversely, people from China who visit other parts of the world are considered top spenders. They help to keep international tourism afloat. Interestingly, only 7% of citizens own a passport. Many analysts believe that if more Chinese people engage in tourism in the near future they could become an extremely lucrative target market.

One of the main reasons why people visit China is in order to see the many beautiful lakes, caves, valleys, waterfalls and mountains. The country has a unique natural landscape. The Five Sacred Mountains are very popular. Each one is in a different section of the country. In the south west is Huangguoshu Waterfall which is ideal for people who want a stunning photo opportunity.

When tourists venture north they may notice that there is an abundance of spectacular lakes. Heavenly Pool is considered one of the most iconic examples. The Yangtze River not only looks great but is also full of historical sites. There are also reefs worth exploring around Xiling Gorge.

Other tourists might be more focused on the cultural side of China. If so they may decide to trek along the Great Wall. It is over 2000 years old and is well known for its grandeur and scale. It is impossible to see all of the iconic Chinese cities fully in one lifetime. 54 of them have attained the top Chinese tourist city title. The right ones will depend on the tastes of the tourist. Some people may be focused on galleries and museums. Others might prefer to check out famous examples of Chinese architecture.

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